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 yu Watanabe


Mizu Tetsuo Takehiko Sugawara Hideki Hirayama Norihiko Saito Agnes Husz Mamoru Abe

A conventional exhibition
I spread if I click a photograph, and you can see it

Gallery in the future

With the change of the times, the work of the gallery does not merely sell a work, too. It is vital I produce a writer, and to bring you up.

Vision or faith, philosophy are important and bring up an artist whether I say the directionality of the owner gallery in the case of the plan gallery and bring up a visitor,

The relations that gallery in itself grows up into seem to be an ideal.

The plan gallery continue a plan exhibition of the writer that work quality expressing the most tip newly is high of the times, and perform it; with a workLet's enjoy it.  At first the art (art) work begins by watching the work of the goods. It is very important to watch.

I can watch the work of various forms in the days of a thing of now if I have I show courage carelessly freely and set foot in the non-daily life space of the gallery.

I can come across one's favorite work when I watch a work for an obedient heart. There are new discovery, the new world there.And if a heart becomes rich, I feel art in everyday life space close and have you enjoy it.

The originality of the high quality heart for oneself seems to be a serious matter than the material growth in the days of a thing of this.




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